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The Hearth of the Community - Iziko Labahlali
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Creating the mindset to create real and lasting change working with Mothers, Children and Youth in disadvantaged communities to create real change through empowerment and the knowledge that each of us is important, that each of us count. Warren Te Brugge is the founder of the Foundation, My Arms Wide Open which supports rural villages in his native South Africa. Warren is a consultant and the principal of Manzimvula, a certified B-Corp. 

EarthSayer Warren Te Brugge
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Introduction to Tees At Risk
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Our company, Tees at Risk, is one of the first apparel companies in the US to be certified as a B Corporation. Our t-shirts are designed by at-risk youth, and each design benefits a different youth-focused nonprofit. Each design also has an embedded QR code which when scanned with a smartphone displays the youthful artists’ “story behind the shirt.” More on the company on their Website.   We are always looking for: (1) more designs, (2) more organizations to work with, and (3) custom design projects. We’d love to hear from you!

EarthSayer Ben Weiner
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The Benefits of Being a For Benefit Corporation

Jeffrey Hollender, President of the company Seventh Generation, encourages business owners with a "for benefit" revenue model or intentions to learn more, consider becoming a B Corp member.

For more information on B Corporations click here.

EarthSayer Jeffrey Hollender
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All About B Corporations

Jay Coen Gilbert is a co-founder of B Lab, the organization that certifies companies as for benefit corporations or B Corporations. This is an introduction of the concept and how the idea started. There are now over two hundred B Corporations.


EarthSayer Jay Coen Gilbert
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Displaying 4 videos of 4 matching videos


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