The Natural Way: Indigenous Voices: Speaker Series

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The Natural Way: Indigenous Voices: Speaker Series

“The mission of the Natural Way-Indigenous Voices Speaker Series is to honor all traditions that value the earth. The Natural Way provides a forum for those who strive to preserve and enhance earth-based, sustainable living to share their traditions, knowledge and beliefs about the earth.” It is a program of The Earth & Spirit Council.

The Natural Way focus is to bring authentic indigenous knowledge to our audience through traditional elders, story tellers, ceremonial leaders, and medicine and healing arts practitioners. These speakers use the oral tradition to share their practical and spiritual knowledge of the connection between humanity and the world in which we live. This knowledge is disappearing as these elders pass away, which is why the internet Wisdom Education program was created, to preserve and make available these teachings.

The Earth & Spirit Council (ESC), formed in 1991, provides opportunities for adults and children to engage in art, education, ceremonies and cultural events that reawaken our spiritual connection with the Natural World. We encourage, sponsor, nurture and support sustainable, Earth-conscious practices that renew our awareness of the essential interdependence of all life. Help seed the future by becoming a member.

Curated by mokiethecat

What We Are Doing Is for World Peace by Grandma Marie Alice

Grandmother Maria Alice Campos Freire talks about the Grandmothers and the challenges they face to fulfill their mission. Grandmother Maria Alice Campos Freire was born in Brazil. Growing up in Brazil she saw much war and persecution. At age 17, when pregnant with her daughter, Maria Alice was put in prison and tortured. Her daughter was born after Maria Alice became a political refuge in Europe and Africa before receiving amnesty to return to Brazil where she led a spiritual community in the deepest parts of the Amazon Rainforest reservation. Learn more about the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers here.

To purchase the entire documentary of this teaching on a DVD, visit the Earth & Spirit Council's Website.

EarthSayer Grandmother Marie Alice Campos Freir

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