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Sustainable travel represents a worldwide and growing demand to reduce the impacts of tourism on the environment and the local communities. It is also referred to as sustainable tourism, ecotourism, and geotourism. Whether you are a traveler or a member of the travel industry or a citizen living in a community that relies on tourism, you will find a voice here on EarthSayers that educates and inspires you.

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One Unified Voice in the EcoTourim Industry by Hunter McIntosh

Second-generation conservationist, Hunter McIntosh, VP of the Alaskan-based The Boat Company talks about being raised in the environmental community. He took over the Boat Company, having worked on Capitol Hill for years, and joined the family business. He has become increasingly involved in bringing forward the next generation of ecotourism.  The Boat Company has been in business thirty years and through partnerships has grown along with the industry and through collaboration he emphasizes the importance of having a "one voice" and be political.

Hunter was videotaped by Barry Heidt of sustainabletv with editing support by Tom Hopkins of Sustainable Today at The International Ecotourism Society's (TIES) 2010 ESTC event in Portland, Oregon, September 8-10, 2010. 

EarthSayer Hunter McIntosh

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