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Building with a circular economy

The built environment significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and uses almost 50% of the materials extracted every year. Of these materials, 15% are wasted in the construction process. We must look for ways to build better. In this episode, we will explore different circular strategies that organisations have adopted in their construction process and hear about exciting examples from around the world — from Ghana to the UK.
Speakers featured:

Grace Di Benedetto: Structural Engineer at Arup
Eric Corey Freed: Senior Vice President of Sustainability at CannonDesign and Co-Author of the book Circular Economy for Dummies
Hayley Gryc: Associate Director in International Development Team, Arup

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EarthSayers Grace Di Benedetto; Eric Corey Freed; Hayley Gryc
Date 11/2/2021 Format News
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection The Circular Economy More Details
Architecture that's built to heal by Michael Murphy

Published on Sep 15, 2016

“I have learned that architecture can be a transformative engine for change,” said Michael Murphy, co-founder and CEO of MASS Design Group, in his talk at the annualTED conference in Vancouver this February.Starting with a moving personal story about his father’s battle with and victory over cancer, the architect discussed ways the built environment can positively impact the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. He touched on many of his firm’s humanitarian projects, including the Butaro Hospital in Rwanda, the GHESKIO Cholera Treatment Center in Haiti, the Ilima Primary School in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Kasungu Maternity Waiting Village in Malawi.“In each of these projects we asked a simple question,” said Murphy. “What more can architecture do? And by asking that question, we were forced to consider how we could create jobs, how we could source regionally, and how we can invest in the dignity of the communities in which we serve.”Murphy concluded with a preview of MASS Design Group’s upcoming collaboration with the Equal Justice Initiative on a national memorial to victims of lynching. “Great architecture can give us hope,” he said. “Great architecture can heal.”
EarthSayer Michael Murphy
Date unknown Format Speech
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Design and Architecture More Details
Designing for Nature by Lehna Malmkvist
Static Preview

We need to move from one-way systems to ones that create cycles - recycling as it is practiced in our natural systems. Canadian Lehna Malmkvist reviews some projects to demonstrate what she is talking about and what has been learned. This is her speech at TEDXBerlin in March of 2012.

EarthSayer Lehna Malmkvist
Date unknown Format Speech
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Design and Architecture More Details
Hedonistic Sustainability by Bjarke Ingels
Static Preview

A call to architects by Bjarke Ingels to become designers of eco-systems of both ecology and economy and channel the flow of people and resources such as heat, energy, waste and water with objective to improve quality of life.

EarthSayer Bjarke Ingels
Date unknown Format Speech
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Design and Architecture More Details
Dovetail Partners Update by Katheryn Ferholz
Static Preview

Dovetail Partners provides authoritative information about the impacts and trade-offs of environmental decisions, including consumption choices, land use, and policy alternatives.
Dovetail is a highly skilled team that fosters sustainability and responsible behaviors by collaborating to develop unique concepts, systems, models and programs. Dovetail Partners is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Activities for the benefit of individual businesses are available at the expense of those firms. Dovetail excels at solving complex business problems and helping responsible firms to become successful. We also help regions define programs that increase the job creation and the job quality of resource-based industries.


EarthSayer Katheryn Fernholz
Date unknown Format Blog
Length unknown Keywords Sustainability More Details
Glumac Improves Sustainable Design Using Software by AutoDesk
Glumac are a mechanical, electrical and plumbing consulting engineering services firm who go out of their way to create innovative sustainable designs. In this short video, hear how Glumac are remaining competitive and capturing todays opportunities by using Autodesk solutions including Revit MEP BIM software to help ensure they create the most sustainable design possible.
EarthSayers Aryn Bergman; Skander Spies
Date unknown Format Corporate
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Design and Architecture More Details
Sustainable Development and Preservation Clem Ogilby
Static Preview
EarthSayer | June 30, 2010 | 4:56

Clem Ogilby a career preservationist with extensive experience in repurposing residential and commercial structures for clients embracing green building principles and practices yet seeking a traditional aesthetic or historic sense of place talks about his passion for preserving buildings and how demolition is often unnecessary and not a sustainability principle or practice. One of his current projects is Saving the Morris Marks House, built in 1880 and facing demolition in 2011 if not moved and restored this year. This video was produced by Ruth Ann Barrett of EarthSayers.tv, the voices of sustainability and was filmed by Barry Heidt and edited by Rob Russo.

Definition of sustainability and sustainable development must include  preservation of existing and useful buildings, historic in particular, but not solely.

EarthSayer Clem Ogilby
Date unknown Format Interview
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Design and Architecture More Details
Three-part Green Real Estate Model by Kevin Danaher
Static PreviewCo-founder of Global Exchange and a Founder and an Executive Producer of the Green Festivals, Dr. Kevin Danaher discusses the Concept for intergrating social and economic sustainability objectives, including well paid green jobs and urban agriculture, into a real estate model that features green building principles and practices: a convergence to bring our communities into better balance. Video of TEDx presentation in San Francisco, California
EarthSayer Kevin Danaher, Ph.D.
Date unknown Format Lectures
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Design and Architecture More Details
Energy Conservation and Social Equity 1 of 2: Kate Miller
Static PreviewKate Miller is a Portland-based designer at Kate Miller Sustainable Interiors specializing in all aspects of lighting design with an emphasis in energy conservation. She talks about her latest project with QUAD Inc. a non-profit offering a unique independent living option for low-income adults with severe physical disabilities as well as her career in sustainable design and energy conservation. She emphasizes collaboration and trust as keys to success and calls for a focus this year on social equity. For more videos on Portland's sustainability progress, visit Portland Sustainability Leadership channel on YouTube.
EarthSayers Barry Heidt; Kate Miller
Date unknown Format Interview
Length unknown Keywords Sustainability More Details

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