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Isabel Rimanoczy, Ed.D, developed the concept of the Sustainability Mindset by studying what inspired leaders to act in a business-as-unusual way. Her work is grounded in the interviews she conducted as part of her research for the book, Big Bang Being:Developing the Sustainability Mindset.

And what is an important message in the book, the one that brings sustainability home?

 "While our planet is rapidly changing, we also have the opportunity to change ourselves and begin making a different imprint."

In this special collection Isabel brings together the voices of sustainability that are in the stream of the Sustainability Mindset. 

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What Do You Do With Your Time? by Isabel Rimanoczy

TEDx Talks Published on Apr 8, 2016| TEDxNSU

What if we were tasked with making a difference, so that our time on this planet leaves it better than we found it? What if we were tasked with making a difference, so that our time on this planet leaves it better than we found it? This thought launched me into a new career as a Legacy Coach working with people who want to make a difference. I researched leaders who champion initiatives that have made a positive impact on the world, hoping to find ways to actively develop a new generation of responsible, purposeful leaders.

I call it the “sustainability mindset in action.” Isabel Rimanoczy’s life purpose is to develop change accelerators. Aware of the complex challenges we and our planet are facing, she works alongside those who can make a large-scale impact. Rimanoczy, Ed.D., developed the Sustainability Mindset, a concept she researched by studying business leaders who champion corporate initiatives with a positive impact on the environment and the community.

She is also the author of several books, including Big Bang Being: Developing the Sustainability Mindset, and has published over 140 articles and book chapters. Rimanoczy blogs for the Huffington Post and has just published her newest book, coedited with Keru Kassal available from Amazon. Click on book icon to order. 

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