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Inspired by the Capital Institute's Third Millennium Economy initiative, this collection highlights those voices - ecological economists, sociologist, finance professionals, environmentalists, community developers - advocating a restructuring of our economy to transition to a truly sustainable economic system.

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ECO:nomics: Should Companies Only Focus on Profit? Michael Duke of Walmart

Walmart Chairman and Former CEO Michael T. Duke says Walmart looks at more than just corporate profits when it considers sustainability. He speaks at the ECO:comics conference in Santa Barbara, Calif.Published on Apr 3, 2014

Smaller environmental footprint will lead to greater profit in the long run is Mr. Duke's main point in this excerpt of ana interview  Environmental sustainability is a narrow focus of the term ignoring the social - people - and prosperity elements, both of which Walmart plays a big role with a considerable impact on citizens. Walmart and Sam's Club employs roughly 2.2 million people worldwide and is the largest private employer in the United States.

In April, top CEOs and investors, pioneering entrepreneurs, environmental experts and policy makers convene at ECO:nomics, The Wall Street Journal’s conference in Santa Barbara, to discuss and debate the most critical issues facing leaders who are driving change at the intersection of business and the environment. 

We will have large corporations with infrastructures that have a smaller ecological footoprint and institutional self-promotional statements and conferences such as ECO:nomics, but our future will remain unsustainable as the mind-set of what Dr. Chet Bowers refers to as "deep cultural assumptions that support the individualistic/industrial/consumer-dependent culture that is ecologically unsustainable" remains the driving force in our Society and at Walmart.