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What is climate change? A definition from the Department of Ecology of Washington State reads: Climate includes patterns of temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind and seasons. It affects more than just a change in the weather and refers to seasonal changes over a long period of time. These climate patterns play a fundamental role in shaping natural ecosystems, and the human economies and cultures that depend on them.

It may be used inter-changably with global warming as they’re closely related. Global warming causes climates to change. Here is NASA discussion on the two terms, What's In A Name?

We recommend you listen and learn which is the best advice we can give to begin to understand the challenges before us.

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RSA Minimate: Climate Change and the Future of Humanity | David Wallace-Wells
April 24, 2020

RSA Minimate: Climate Change and the Future of Humanity - David Wallace-Wells

Global warming is the existential challenge of our age. The time for denial and delay is over. The time for commitment and collective action is now. In this compelling new RSA Minimate, bestselling author David Wallace-Wells warns us of the grave dangers ahead if we continue our current course, and urges us to choose a new pathway for humanity.

Find out more about The Uninhabitable Earth in David Wallace-Wells’ RSA talk here.

The minds behind the award-winning RSA Animate series are back! RSA Minimates are super-short, information-packed animations for busy people. All audio excerpts are taken from live FREE events at the RSA’s HQ in London and animated by Cognitive. This animation was produced by Abi Stephenson and Mairi Ryan at the RSA.

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