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There are fifty+ channels on YouTube bringing the voices of wisdom keepers to the fore, most publishers are indigenous communities. We support the sharing and preservation of sacred wisdom teachings, the very foundation of sustainability principles and practices, and offer EarthSayers as a "connecting tool" working towards the idea of One Voice through this special collection and other vidoes on EarthSayers such the series, Native Perspectives on Sustainability and special collections on Indigenous Elders Dr. David Courchene, Ilarion Merculief, and Dr. Robin Kimmerer

We are grateful to the individuals and organizations who are using the world wide web to present and spread the indigenous voices of wisdom.

Curated by mokiethecat

Being Fearless: Van Jones Part 2

Good talk.

Yes, it's about our connection with each other. The mind will honor, respect, and treat well those that it feels connected with. We prove this every day in our groups, we need to make a larger group... the larger group, one humanity.

We have allowed ourselves to be divided and conquered and to be used against each other with divisiveness and fear.

EarthSayer Van Jones

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