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A Culture of Sustainability: Aveda by Dominique Conseil
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Dominique Nils Conseil became president of Aveda in 2000. The French cosmetics executive took over the reins of the immensely successful hair- and skin-care manufacturer from its legendary founder, Horst Rechelbacher, and was firmly committed to preserving Rechelbacher's original mission of bringing safe, environmentally friendly products to the market. In this interview he talks about the culture of sustainability at Aveda.

Dominique was interviewed by Ruth Ann Barrett of EarthSayers.tv, the voices of sustainability at the Portland State University's The Center for Global Leadership in Sustainability, Business and Sustainability Conference, November, 2010.

EarthSayer Dominque Conseil
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Bicycle Innovators in Portland Oregon

An exhibition of bicycles handmade in Oregon introduced at the Portland Airport. Video features interviews with bicycle designers who are sustainability innovators.  Portland has a varied bicycle network that connects all parts of the city. This network has proven successful in dramatically increasing bicycle use. Portland also has a strong bicycle culture and advocacy organizations. It is no. 2 in the top 11 bike friendly cities. You'll have to bike to Amsterdam, to be in the no. 1 spot, for now anyway. 

For more sustainability thought leaders, please visit the Portland Sustainability Leadership channel on YouTube. 

EarthSayers Jonathan Mause; Natalie Ramsland
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Displaying 2 videos of 22 matching videos

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