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Called From Darkness

About This Collection

Called From Darkness is a five-part documentary series that explores the spiritual dimensions of addiction recovery with an emphasis on finding community and recovering one’s own meaning and purpose. 

Produced by Paul Steinbroner and David Okimoto of TouchPoint Productions, Inc., specializes in producing inspirational films to help strengthen and build communities addressing addiction and homelessness, often intertwined, as social and spiritual crises. 

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Curated by earthsayer

Journeys on the Red Road (trailer)

The journey as it is known is the spiritual work Native peoples use to transform painful experiences into meaning and purpose.  It takes courage to show up for one’s life and respect.

Since 1989 the NW Coastal Indians have participated in a Canoe Journey to villages on the ancestral highways of the Salish Sea. The commitment to be a part of this means joining a canoe family that excludes members from alcohol or drug use. This is a spiritual commitment and people who are in recovery are urged to join as it brings healing to themselves, their family, and the tribe.

Producers: David Okimoto, Ed Barnhart, Stephanie Tompkins

Director/Editor: Paul Steinbroner

Camera Crew: David Okimoto, Joe Barnhart, Captain Wallace Watts, Selena Rodriquez

Special Thanks to the Northwest Indian Treatment Center

Elma, Washington

Carolyn Hartness

The Squaxin, Suquamish, and S'Kllallam Tribes

Contact Paul Steinbroner for information at ?(541) 941-5317.

EarthSayer Paul Steinbroner

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