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This special collection focuses on those voices of sustainability addressing the attributes of leaders and the processes for developing them.  A failure of leadership has been cited by academics such as Bill George of Harvard University as putting our country at risk and a factor in the 2008 economic collapse. There is Doug Cohen addressing natural leadership, calling out what is Job One of a leader.  His view might surprise you.

Since out site, EarthSayers.tv, focuses on sustainability leaders we thought it useful to call out the voices that are emphasizing leadership development and talking about the qualiites of a leader since the category has a history of stereotyping that pretty much has excluded half of the population based on gender, another large percentage based on color or ethnic origin, and our young citizens. The face as well as the voice of a leader is changing and we want to call out those among us addressing this change.

The five qualities of leadership we have seen as we have grown the EarthSayers collection are: (1) Givers not takers; (2) Motivators; (3) Different and humble; (4) Multi-cultured; and (5) Visible.  We think you'll hear these qualities from leadership experts in this special collection and see them in the leaders here on EarthSayers.tv.

Curated by mokiethecat

Global Sustainabilty and Leadership Collaboration

The Prince's International Sustainability Unit, The Royal Channel, video discusses need for cooperation and consensus building among all sectors of our economy - business, non-profit, NGO sectors. 

The Prince of Wales promotes an eco-system approach to  management and the scaling up of really good practices around the world, "where it works" and has been shown to work, in this video in the context of fisheries.

Also included is a segment on water and the role of executive education and the Natural Capital Leadership Platform which brings leaders together.  "We're not valueing natural capitol and the services provided by nature herself."

EarthSayers Prince of Wales ; Polly Courtice; Alan Knight

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