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Oregonians Embrace Climage Change with Adam Davis
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An excerpt from What do Oregonians Value and Believe? survey results presented by Adam Davis of DHM Research with Dave Miller Host of Think Out Loud at the City Club of Portland Friday Forum, October 4, 2013. The citizens of Oregon believe as a nation we need to consume less in the face of Climate Change. Curated and Annotated by Ruth Ann Barrett of EarthSayers.tv, Voices of Sustainability. Published on Jan 28, 2015 Full interview is here.
EarthSayer Adam Davis
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What Do Oregonians Care About in 2013 with Adam Davis
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Published on Oct 7, 2013

Speakers: Adam Davis, founder and principal at DHM Research and Dave Miller, host of Think Out Loud

Results of the Oregon Values & Beliefs Study conducted every 10 years by DHM Research and sponsored this year by the Oregon Community Foundation, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Oregon Health & Science University, and Oregon State University.

Adam Davis, DHM co-founder and John McConnell of OSHU will join Think Out Loud's Dave Miller and a diverse group of community members to discuss how Oregonians value education, healthcare, the environment, religion and a host of other issues. With over 30 years of experience in all phases of public opinion research, Adam Davis' expertise ranges from survey research design to focus group moderating. He has conducted projects throughout the United States and on-site in Europe and Japan.

John McConnell is the director of OHSU's Center for Health Systems Effectiveness. Dr. McConnell is a health economist and an associate professor in OHSU's departments of emergency medicine and public health & preventive medicine.

EarthSayers Adam Davis; Dave Miller
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Displaying 2 videos of 2 matching videos containing
Adam Davis

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