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Jobs in a Schrinking Economy by Peter Victor
Static PreviewDr. Peter Victor, Professor and past-Dean of Environmental Studies at York University is interviewed at the International DeGrowth Conference in Barcelona. We do not have to rely on economic growth. His numbers suggest that yes it can be quite feasible to live good lives. This conference is talking about not just stabilizing the economy, but schrinking it. Harder, but possible, and more dramatic changes may be required. International Degrowth Conference in Barcelona (25-29th March 2010) A longer, more in-depth speech by Dr. Victor is on EarthSayers.tv.
EarthSayer Peter Victor
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Managing without Growth by Dr. Peter Victor
Static PreviewSustainability: Toronto. July 2, 2010. Yes it's possible says Dr. Peter  Victor, Professor and past-Dean of Environmental Studies at York University. Economic growth is the over-arching policy objective of governments worldwide. Yet its long-term viability is increasingly questioned because of environmental impacts and impending and actual shortages of energy and material resources. Furthermore, rising incomes in rich countries bear little relation to gains in happiness and well-being . Growth has not eliminated poverty, brought full employment or protected the environment. Results from a simulation model of the Canadian economy suggest that it is possible to have full employment, eradicate poverty, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maintain fiscal balance without economic growth. It's time to turn our attention away from pursuing growth and towards specific objectives more directly relating to our well-being and that of the planet.
EarthSayer Peter Victor
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Displaying 2 videos of 2 matching videos containing
Peter Victor

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