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Bill Moyers returned to television in January 2012 with Moyers & Company, a weekly series of smart talk and new ideas aimed at helping viewers make sense of our tumultuous times through the insight of America’s strongest thinkers. The program also features Moyers’ hallmark essays on democracy.

A broadcast journalist for more than four decades, Bill Moyers has been recognized as one of the unique voices of our times, one that resonates with multiple generations. In January 2012, at the age of 77, Moyers began his latest media venture with the launch of Moyers & Company on air and online at BillMoyers.com – providing “conversations on democracy” and explorations of contemporary culture, making sense of what matters to us all.

Judith Davidson Moyers, his wife and creative partner, is Executive Editor of Moyers & Company. President of Public Affairs Television (PAT) for 14 years, she is now the company’s CEO.

Recent episodes can be ordered by calling 1-800-336-1917 or visiting Amazon.com.

His commentaries are here on EarthSayers as part of the Sustainability Champion special collection.

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How People Power Generates Change by Marshall Ganz

Activists Marshall Ganz, Rachel Laforest and Madeline Janis describe how organized people can successfully fight organized money to deliver social change.  Marshall Ganz notes the difference between a movement (about meaning and what is good) and a special Marshall Ganzinterest, how the powerful don't always win, the importance of strategy/structure and narrative and many other important aspects of activisim.  He is associated with the Leading Change Network.

Order his latest book, Why David Sometimes Wins: leadership, organization and strategy in the California farm worker movement  from Amazon by clicking on the image or visit your local bookstore. Thank you.

Friends of Justice, Why Stories Matter, Interview and book, Love, Power and Justice by Paul Tillich referenced in this interview and another must read.

Click on image to order from Amazon or visit your local bookstore. Thank you


EarthSayers Marshall Ganz; Madeline Janis; Rachel Laforest

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