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 Hemp VoicesThe Cannabis industry is in its early stages of development. Here we wish to identify and advance the cannabis leaders. 

The use of the cannabis plant promotes sustainability in terms of planet (farming and food production, climate change), people (jobs, architecture, health, climate justice) and prosperity (energy, rural economic development and product innovation).  The voices of cannabis include a wide range of citizens to include farmers, architects, product designers, health and wellness professionals, bureaucrats, and people from all walks of life who have benefited from the use of the flowering plant and are using their experience to start businesses within the cannabis community. Follow Cannabis Community on Twitter and on Facebook

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Cannabis Museum with Don E. Wirstshafter
Published on Oct 1, 2016

A 45 minute journey through time....Don E. Wirstshafter, curator of the Cannabis Museum in Athens, Ohio leads a virtual tour of the collection during a visit to Dockside Cannabis in Seattle. This is the story of 100+ years of mainstream Cannabis use in America and what happened after it's prohibition in the 1937. Produced by Barry Heidt. 

EarthSayers Barry Heidt; Don E. Wirstshafter

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