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There are fifty+ channels on YouTube bringing the voices of wisdom keepers to the fore, most publishers are indigenous communities. We support the sharing and preservation of sacred wisdom teachings, the very foundation of sustainability principles and practices, and offer EarthSayers as a "connecting tool" working towards the idea of One Voice through this special collection and other vidoes on EarthSayers such the series, Native Perspectives on Sustainability and special collections on Indigenous Elders Dr. David Courchene, Ilarion Merculief, and Dr. Robin Kimmerer

We are grateful to the individuals and organizations who are using the world wide web to present and spread the indigenous voices of wisdom.

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Cree Elder AJ Felix at The Turtle Lodge
April 12, 2020

Cree Elder A.J. Felix at The Turtle Lodge

Cree Elder A.J. Felix speaks and shares a song at the Turtle Lodge Central House of Knowledge - March 19, 2020 | At the ceremonial launching of "Wahbanung - The Resurgence of a People: Clearing the Path for Our Survival"

This song is for sharing:

"Wake up, my Grandson!
Wake up, my Granddaughter!

Your children are hurting.
Wake up!

Your children don’t even know how to pray.
Wake up!

Your grandchildren are not learning good things!
Wake up!

Your people are not even getting along, they don’t even visit each other.
Wake up!

The old people are not looking after each other. They’re not visiting. They’re not acknowledging each other.
Wake up!

Wake up, my Grandson!
Wake up, my Granddaughter!

We’re not sharing anything with each other, we’re stingy.
Wake up!

How can we be blessed? We’re not sharing.
How can we be healthy? We’re not even kin. We’re not even being relative to each other. We’re not even visiting our sisters and our brothers.
Wake up!

You’re not even telling your Mum, “I love you!”
You’re not even telling your Dad, “I love you!”
Wake up!

You’re not practicing your spirituality that the Creator, Lord God, had given you. The humility that you’re supposed to have. You’re not practicing it.
Wake up."

Four Gifts Elder A.J. Felix Gives Away

1. Pray. Not a long prayer, a short prayer. Make it to the point.

2. When you pray, Cry. Mean it. Mean your prayer, which means have tears. If you want it bad enough, you’ll cry. And the spirit world, the whole universe, when you cry, will stop and listen to you.

3. Never go around trying to buy luck. Never go around trying to buy something that will hurt someone else. Don’t go around trying to buy success. You don’t know what you're buying and you don’t know from whom you’re buying. You can hurt your home, you can hurt yourself, you can hurt your family, by buying.

4. Now that you are a praying person, a crying person, watchful of your life and your lifestyle, you’re going to be successful. You’re going to be okay. Your home is going to be alright. You’re not going to have fear, you’re not going to be scared, because you’re doing these first two, three things, and doing them well. The last thing is – now that you’re ok, be humble. Don’t go around boasting because you’re ok. Share your wealth, share your food, share what little you’ve got, with those who really need it bad. And you’ll be ok. You'll be successful.

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