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Artists and musicians who are addressing social, cultural, environmental and/or economic elements of sustainability through their art and communication talents.

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Heart Taker (Owl Dance Song) - John Trudell/Tribal Voices

This is John Trudell's first CD, amazing spoken word by an amazing man, support John Trudell, buy his music, check his documentary, learn about this man who has fought for our people. Posted by SogoreaTeWarriors channel on Youtube.  A documentary of John Trudell is here

Native American author, poet, actor, musician, and political activist. He was the spokesperson for the United Indians of All Tribestakeover of Alcatraz beginning in 1969, broadcasting as Radio Free Alcatraz. During most of the 1970s, he served as the chairman of the American Indian Movement, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

EarthSayer John Trudell

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