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This special collection explores sustainability in the meetings and events industry and includes suggestions from meeting planners as well as sustainability and marketing officers from business, government and non-profits such as the Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC) located in Portland, Oregon; the Sustainable Event Alliance. Sydney, Australia; and groups on LinkedIn to include Green Meetings Forum and the GMIC Southern California.

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Sustainability: Walking the Talk by Tamara Kennedy-Hill
Tamara talks about how she came to the role of executive director of the Green Meeting Industry Council and to her commitment to sustainability principles and practices in the travel industry. For more information on the Green Meeting Industry Council visit www.greenmeetings.info. Tamara was videotaped by Barry Heidt of sustainabletv with editing support by Tom Hopkins of Sustainable Today at The International Ecotourism Society's (TIES) at the 2010 ESTC event in Portland, Oregon, September 8-10, 2010. See also Tamara's panel presentation on the ROI of sustainability here on EarthSayers.tv, the voices of sustainability.

EarthSayer Tamara Kennedy-Hill

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