Ethical Sourcing

About This Collection

What is ethical sourcing? For our definition we turn to the organization, Sactos Mundo:

Ethical sourcing means ensuring that the products being sourced are created in safe facilities by workers who are treated well and paid fair wages to work legal hours. It also implies that the supplier is respecting the environment during the production and manufacture of the products.

Initially, the collection is drawing from the interviews conducted by 3BL Media at the The Ethical Sourcing Forum 2011 held on March 31st and April 1st in New York City. 



Curated by mokiethecat

The Kimberley Process by Boite D'Or
The Biote D'Or experience with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). It is a control system established in 2003 to authenticate the provenance of diamonds. After it became known in the late 1990s that warring parties were abusing the trade with rough diamonds to fund their conflicts, this initiative was founded to put an end to the sale of so called blood or conflict diamonds. Today, more than 49 countries are part of the Kimberley Process, the European Community being counted as one member. The members commit themselves to strict rules and regulations to verifiably track the legitimate provenance of each diamond. Further detailed information about the Kimberley Process here.

RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council)
The Responsible Jewellery Council is a not-for-profit, standards setting and certification organisation. The RJC's Chain-of-Custody Certification for precious metals supports these initiatives and can be used as a tool to deliver broader Member and stakeholder benefit. Published on Nov 22, 2013