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Blood Oil by Leif Wenar

Published on Jan 30, 2016

Talk by Leif Wenar author of "Blood Oil: Tyrants, Violence, and the Rules That Run the World" recorded January 27, 2016 at Town Hall Seattle. "Might makes right" is a rule that needs to be retired. Leif Wenar holds the Chair of Philosophy Law at King College London. After earning his Bachelor'a degree from Stanford, he went to Harvard to study with John Rawls, and wrote his doctoral thesis on property rights with Robert Nozick and T.M. Scanlon. He has worked in the UK since 1997. Visit CleanTrade.org.

You may purchase his book through Amazon by clicking on the image or visit your local bookstore. Thank you.

EarthSayer Leif Wenar
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Do We Have to Choose? Clean Air, Good Roads, Smart Choice?

Arguments against clean air are hard to come by these days especially in view of climate change, but the oil lobby (from outside the State) is very powerful and overcame a coalition of Oregon based organizations and individuals resulting in the transportation package failing this last session (2015). It surpised everyone involved and set a new substandard in political action here in Oregon.  The panelists are Tom Kelly, Andrea Durbin, and Kristen Leonard.

EarthSayers Andrea Durbin; Tom Kelly; Kristen Leonard
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Tar Sands Resistance March

The Tar Sands Resistance March on Saturday, June 6th, 2015 drew more than 5,000 people to St. Paul, MN for the largest anti-tar sands march ever in the region. The march sent a clear message: keep toxic tar sands out of America's Heartland to protect our water, climate and communities.

Published on Jun 7, 2015 by IEN Earth

Produced by MN350: Xiaolu Wang, Nels Shafer, Will Hanson with Editor: Xiaolu Wang, Additional Editing: Nels Shafer, Will Hanson, Cinematography + Sound: Nels Shafer, Will Hanson, Xiaolu Wang, Eric Immler, Martin Gordon

Music Podington Bear and "Submerging Green"

Hoka Hey Drum Group

Tom Goldtooth
Winona LaDuke
Rep. Keith Ellison
Chris Wahmhoff
Akilah Sanders-Reed
EarthSayers Tom Goldtooth; Winona LaDuke
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Oil Prices and the 'Spectrum of Pain'
Oil Prices and the 'Spectrum of Pain' | The New York Times
With the price of crude oil plummeting more than 50 percent since last summer, a look at why some countries are faring much better than others. Published on Jan 29, 2015
EarthSayer Quynhanh Do
Date unknown Format Documentary
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What is the Advanced Energy Economy by Graham Richard
Static Preview

Graham Richard, CEO of Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) , a business trade association discusses their role in enabling its member organizations to prosper in this sector and why we need to develop a unified voice at the local, regional and country level to promote an advanced energy economy.

Published on Jun 21, 2012

EarthSayer Graham Richard
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Kumi Naidoo Scales Cairn's Arctic Oil Rig
Static PreviewWatch this amazing video of Kumi Naidoo - the global head of Greenpeace - braving freezing water fired from water cannon to scale a massive Arctic oil rig. See the action and hear from Kumi about why he chose to make a brave personal stand against the madness of Arctic oil drilling. Right now, Kumi remains in custody in a Greenlandic jail.
EarthSayer Kumi Naidoo
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Haynesville Movie Trailer: Largest Natural Gas Field in the U.S.
Static Preview

Haynesville takes place in the Louisiana backwoods and follows the momentous discovery of the largest natural gas field in the United States. As the Haynesville boom erupts, three lives are caught in the middle of the find: A single mom defends her communitys environmental protections, an African American preacher attempts to use the riches to build a school, and a self-described country boy finds himself conflicted as he weighs losing his land against becoming an overnight millionaire. From a broader perspective, Haynesville explores what a natural gas find of this scale could mean to the United States energy picture as environmentalists, academics and pundits hash out the concept of a clean energy future and discuss how the Haynesvilles reserves could provide an energy answer. To order video from Amazon, click on image.

EarthSayer Gregory Kallenberg
Date unknown Format Trailer
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