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Business and civic leaders, experts, teachers, students, and citizens from all walks of life contributing to the leadership of Portland, Oregon as the most sustainability conscious city in the United States.

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Science Friction by Charles Welden and Prakash Chenjeri
Prakash Chenjeri and Charles Welden describe their Conversation Project program Science Friction: Controversies and Decision Making in a Democracy.
Science and its products enrich our lives but also challenge many established ways of thinking. Some of these challenges have become quite contentious in political and cultural arenas. What roles should scientific theory, and personal and moral values, play in decision making in a democratic society? By focusing on critical issues such as global warming, stem cell research, and intelligent design, Southern Oregon University professors Prakash Chenjeri and Charles Welden will facilitate a conversation about the relationship between science, democracy, and decision making.  More information.

EarthSayers Prakash Chenjeri; Charles Welden

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