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Colombia Expands Protection of Rainforest
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The Colombian government has announced that the country’s Chiribiquete National Park, off limits to oil and mineral exploitation, is to be expanded to more than double its current size to 2.8 million hectares. The move means that one fifth of Colombia’s rainforest is now protected

EarthSayer President Juan Manuel
Date 8/22/2013 Format News
Length 1:00 Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Rights of Mother Earth More Details
Hopi Message 2012 -- World Waters at Risk - Prophecy
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For the first time in history the Traditional Hopi Elders from the Village of Shungopavi (the Mother Village) are stepping forward to speak to the public. They have a warning for the world. They say they have been told this time would come when the water would be taken from them. If this happens it will have an effect on the whole world as they are the microcosm of the world, of the universe. Sign our Avaaz Petition here. Now is the time that the True Hopi have been waiting for. It is in this lifetime they see the unfolding of Prophecies of their Ancestors and have been given instructions to not allow these things to happen. This is why they are speaking to us, to warn us, that if the water is taken from Hopi it will have a devastating effect on the planet. Join with the True Traditional Hopi in stopping the further destruction of the waters around the world. Support stopping SB2109 and support the fresh waters in your area and together with a world community we can and we will save the future waterways for generations to come. Kwa Kwah / Asquali (Thank you)

Shungopavi Hopi website is here.


EarthSayer Radford Quamahongnewa
Date 7/6/2012 Format Appeal
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Rights of Mother Earth More Details
Water Allocation for Growth, Equity and Sustainability by Roger Calow
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Roger Calow from Overseas Development Institute discusses water allocation for growth, equity and sustainability. This consultation - Effective natural resource management for inclusive and sustainable growth in the context of increased scarcity and climate change: What roles for the public and private sectors? - European Report on Development 2011-2012 consultation - was held on the 8-9 June 2011, Bonn, Germany.

EarthSayer Roger Calow
Date 7/18/2011 Format Speech
Length 20:07 Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection 1 Water More Details
River of Renewal
Static PreviewTrailer of documentary: Eight years in the making, River of Renewal chronicles the on going battle over the resources of Northern California's and Oregon's Klamath Basin. The film reveals how different dominant groups over the generations have extracted resources from the Klamath Basin with disastrous consequences including the collapse of wild salmon populations. This collision between sustainability and exploitation of our precious and dimishing resources. The outcome may be the largest dam removal project in history and the restoration of a once vital river. Available at visionmaker.org.
EarthSayers Jack Kohler; Stephen Most
Date 2/24/2010 Format Documentary
Length 1:52 Keywords Sustainability More Details
It's All One Water: David Rothmiller
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We face a worldwide water crisis unless steps are taken to protect this most critical resource. This piece was written and produced by David Rothmiller. (2007)

EarthSayer David Rothmiller
Date 8/9/2007 Format Lectures
Length 1:42 Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection 1 Water More Details
Troubled Waters
Static PreviewA chorus of voices speaking on the right of everyone to have access to clean water.
Date 8/9/2007 Format Documentary
Length 2:38 Keywords Sustainability More Details
Economics of the Ocean Swedish Embassy
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An introduction by Lisa Emilia Svensson, Ambassador for Ocean, Seas, and Fresh Water.

A two day seminar hosted by the Swedish Ministry of the Environment, the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management and the Embassy of Sweden in partnership with Duke University's Nicholas Institute, SIWI and UNDP. Published on Dec 13, 2013

We need to have a voice as to what happens to our oceans.


Pawan Patil, World Bank, Global Parternship for Oceans,
Lynn Scarlett, Managing Director, PUblic Policy at the Nature Conservancy,
Kemi-Ann Joes, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, U.S. State Department,
Claes Berglund, Director Public Affairs & Sustainability, Stena AB,
Ghislaine Maxwell, Executive Director, TerraMar

EarthSayers Pawan Patil; Lynn Scarlett; Lisa Svensson
Date unknown Format Event/Conf
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Oceans More Details
WaterMark film trailer
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A trailer of the film, Watermark due to be released along with an exhibition of Edward Burtynski's photographic exhibit, Water, 16 October - 23 November 2013 at the Flowers Gallery in London, England. Water is the most recent installment of the artist's investigation into the continually compromised environment.

EarthSayers Jennifer Baichwal; Edward Burtynski
Date unknown Format Trailer
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection 1 Water More Details
Peace for Water by Rulan Tangen at Bioneers 2011
Static Preview
EarthSayers Barry Heidt ; Rulan Tangen
Date unknown Format Interview
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection Bioneers 2011 More Details
Water Sustainability and The World We Create by Anna Lappe
Static PreviewOn April 24, 2011 a PR firm working for Dow Chemical contacted author Anna Lappé to submit a 60-second video for The Future We Create: The Future of Water, a web project about water sustainability (sponsored by Dow Chemical). This was the video that was rejected.
EarthSayer Anna Lappe
Date unknown Format Interview
Length unknown Keywords SustainabilityMember of Special Collection 1 Water More Details

Displaying 10 videos of 12 matching videos

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