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Generally innovation in the context of sustainability focuses on the conversations around the role of innovation by business leaders who advocate the development of sound business models to encourage investment in new products and services. Many products, but not all, are focused on renewable energy, another EarthSayers.tv Special Collection.

This collection addresses other emerging markets in diverse industries ranging from agriculture to information technology to biotechnology as well as beauty and wellness. Sustainability calls on us to consider innovation more broadly to include not just the technical, but the social and environmental as well.  Innovation may be found in conversations around ethical sourcing, social innovation, and in the role of the social entrepreneur.

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All Things Have Standing: 4.7 -- Future Stories -- Machine Virtue
December 06, 2022

In this closing chapter of our journey through the ethics of artificial intelligence, Prof. Shannon
Vallor explores the fundamental philosophical and practical question humanity must answer if
we are to live harmoniously with smart machines: Is it possible to build a machine that has
virtue? What is virtue? What does it mean to flourish and flourish with us? What is virtue as
moral intelligence and must machines be virtuous to be trustworthy? How do we become
virtuous? What are the core virtues? Do we need machines themselves to embody virtues like
justice, compassion and honesty, and have the practical wisdom to practice these virtues? Do
artificial moral agents need to be tied to our own moral judgment and preferences? Prof. Vallor
explains value alignment and its role in developing trust. She concludes by exploring an array of
key ethical and design questions remaining for us to answer if we and machines are to act and
live well together in a flourishing society.

Shannon Vallor is a philosopher of technology. She is the Baillie Gifford Chair in the Ethics of Data and Artificial Intelligence at the Edinburgh Futures Institute.

"All Things Have Standing" is a course in human psychology and the ethics of artificial intelligence and environmental law inspired by a powerful idea from the audio drama "Spark Hunter"—that all things have ethical standing. "All Things Have Standing" is presented by Carnegie Council in collaboration with Fighter Steel Education. Inspired by a futuristic story of a highly advanced A.I. experiencing existential crisis, All Things Have Standing explores, with leading scholars, A.I. and environmental ethics, the psychology and philosophy which underlie them, and the extraordinary challenges they raise for the global community.

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