Innovation and Sustainability

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Generally innovation in the context of sustainability focuses on the conversations around the role of innovation by business leaders who advocate the development of sound business models to encourage investment in new products and services. Many products, but not all, are focused on renewable energy, another EarthSayers.tv Special Collection.

This collection addresses other emerging markets in diverse industries ranging from agriculture to information technology to biotechnology as well as beauty and wellness. Sustainability calls on us to consider innovation more broadly to include not just the technical, but the social and environmental as well.  Innovation may be found in conversations around ethical sourcing, social innovation, and in the role of the social entrepreneur.

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Earth to Canada: Be Leaders by David Suzuki
David Suzuki has harsh words for Canada when it comes to environmental leadership. Corporate Knights caught up with Suzuki on the busy (and noisy) streets in front of the Toronto Stock Exchange to talk about clean technology, the climate summit in Copenhagen, and Canada's failed reputation as a world leader.

EarthSayer David Suzuki

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