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The sustainability category of health and wellness is both wide and deep. In this special collection our intention is to highlight voices of sustainability that are often lost in the sea of advertising by pharmaceutical and insurance companies for products and services. The information found on this site is not intended as recommendations for cures or a change in medical protocols, but, rather, an emphasis on innovative and fresh perspectives and ideas affecting the health and wellness of our citizens. Critical thinking, vision, and values are emphasized here on EarthSayers.

Curated by mokiethecat

Indigenous Perspective on Health & Wellness by Dave Courchene


“…during our times of trauma you know we know and believe that the Great Spirithas given us a way on how to how to receive the help that we need when it comes to to dealing with the mental emotional physical or spiritual help that we need and it has been the way of our people to always approach healing from a holistic sense…like that but we're going to see more and more natural occurrences that are hopefully are going to try to wake us up from this insanity and this nightmare that we're living…”

EarthSayer Dave Courchene

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