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The sustainability category of health and wellness is both wide and deep. In this special collection our intention is to highlight voices of sustainability that are often lost in the sea of advertising by pharmaceutical and insurance companies for products and services. The information found on this site is not intended as recommendations for cures or a change in medical protocols, but, rather, an emphasis on innovative and fresh perspectives and ideas affecting the health and wellness of our citizens. Critical thinking, vision, and values are emphasized here on EarthSayers.

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The Gift Of Forgiveness, With Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt
April 07, 2020

We all face difficulty and pain in life, and whether we are the perpetrators or the victims, we must all inevitably learn how to forgive and open up to healing. New York Times best-selling author Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt has experienced the often slow and thorny journey toward forgiveness, and she knows how the power of personal insight can illuminate the path of forgiveness.

In her new book, The Gift of Forgiveness, Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt helps people navigate the difficult path toward healing with first-hand accounts and experiences from her own life. Join her, in conversation with New York Times best-selling author Kelly Corrigan, to learn the power of forgiveness in finding peace and acceptance

Visit Barnes and Noble to purchase a copy of Katherine’s book here: https://bit.ly/KSPGiftofForgiveness (limited signed stock available).

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt
Author, The Gift of Forgiveness: Inspiring Stories from Those Who Have Overcome the Unforgivable

Kelly Corrigan
Author, Tell Me More—Moderator

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EarthSayer Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt

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