Climate Justice

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Reframing climate change to climate justice affords us the opportunity to view climate change science through the lens of environmental, social and economic justice and understand that global warming is an ethical and moral issue.  A major proposition of climate justice is that those who are least responsible for climate change suffer its gravest consequences.

The purpose of this collection is to draw your attention to the many voices of climate justice to educate and inspire you.  Of particular note, "Faith communities carrying this message (of climate justice) are potentially powerful voices on climate change – voices that have been largely silent on the issue until recently."   

EarthSayers.tv has also started a Web collection, here as a blog, on Faith and Climate Justice.  

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Restoring the Earth Community ~ Healing From a New Perspective

The first in a series of short videos dealing with the restoration and health of the biosphere through rediscovering humanities proper place in the web of life - finding our proper place in this inner-connected, inter-dependent planetary ecosystem.  Caroline Fairless is author of the book, The Space Between Church & Not-Church: A Sacramental Vision for the Healing of our Planet. Click on book cover to order your copy. She was ordained in the Episcopal Church and is co-founder of The Center for Children at Worship, a non-profit whose focus is the full inclusion of children in the life of faith communities.The series is being published on her YouTube Channel. 

EarthSayer Carolyn Fairless

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