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Healthy and local is the focus of this special collection around the people who grow and bring organic food to local markets and the people who shop at these markets. Topics also include how farmers grow organic food and the quality of our food supply around issues to include local economy, seeding, use of pestisides and fertilisers, water, food security, availability and pricing.

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Shorter Supply Chains, Better Food, Healthier Economy : Food Share

Shorter Supply Chains, Better Food, Healthier Economy - SustainablePR Interviews Tangleroot Farms

In this interview on the sustainability benefits of local agriculture, SPR founder Tony DeFazio speaks with Adam Reed, founder of Tangleroot Farm, about their Community Supported Agriculture program. This CSA, sometimes called a farm share, is like a monthly produce subscription box that provides people, restaurants, and local produce markets with certified organic fruits and veggies that were grown locally. Listen in as these two entrepreneurs talk sustainability and how shortening our food supply chains can help boost the local economy.  

CSA is Community Supported Agriculture.

EarthSayers Tony DeFazio; Adam Reed

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